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by Elegant Themes is the default theme on NoSpin WordPress

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achieve attractive, compelling results that rank well with search engines

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Solid State WordPress Hosting

NoSpin WordPress is ad free solid state hosting for your WordPress website or blog. In addition to providing secure, reliable, high performance WordPress hosting, we feature expert advertising and design support. Signup is easy and you may login to your new WordPress Dashboard immediately after your Email account is verified. WordPress enthusiasts ready to self-manage a WordPress site on the cPanel Web hosting platform should proceed to our NoSpin Web Hosting service.


NoSpin WordPress offers entrepreneurs everything they need with respect to WordPress hosting and training. We invite you to create up to 3 free WordPress sites and open your door to unmatched hosting value. Everything required to create and maintain a WordPress site is included, free of charge from NoSpin WordPress. The only thing we ask is that you please read our Registration & Login articles before signing up.

Free WordPress Sites

1GB Storage Per Site

Visual Page Builder

Free Page Layouts

Worry Free

Nightly Backup

Solid State Storage

Gigabit Ethernet

NoSpin Addons

The Bloom and Monarch plugins, by Elegant Themes, may be acquired as annual subscriptions for $20 each. If you bundle Bloom and Monarch together for $30 annually, we shall include the Extra WordPress theme, which is the presentation layer of NoSpin WordPress, free of charge for duration of your bundle subscription.

To activate the WooCommerce shopping cart on your site, please submit an Activate WooCommerce support ticket in the Client Portal. To receive payment for your merchandise or services via PayPal, you must have a registered domain name mapped to your NoSpin WordPress website. For more information, please visit the Addons category of our Journal.

Domain Mapping

Free when you register or transfer your domain name in our Client Portal.

NoSpin Email

Add Email to your NoSpin WordPress domain

Premium Support

Professional design and advertising help

NoSpin Journal

Our Journal is the location for information and announcements regarding NoSpin WordPress. You shall need to be a registered user in order to post in Journal article comment boxes. Comments are not held for moderation before they are published; however, not all Journal articles have comment boxes. Site administrators have the ability to control how they handle comments on their WordPress website by changing the default Discussion Settings in their WordPress Dashboard.

Supporting Technologies

NoSpin WordPress is built on a solid, modern foundation of the most reliable Web server technologies in the industry. We incorporate the latest stable versions of the following WordPress.org recommended system requirements. The cPanel Web hosting control panel is used to maintain all domains on the NoSpin Web, including NoSpin WordPress.

Apache httpd


We hope you enjoy creating your NoSpin WordPress website and transform it into a successful Ecommerce marketplace. Don’t forget to register in the Client Portal for support.

Solid State WordPress Hosting