Do your kids love fruit, but you’re struggling to get them to eat enough of it? Try adding some fun to their snack time with these three delectable fruit-based snacks. Your kids will adore them — plus, they are incredibly easy to make. Get ready to feed those hungry bellies with flavorful and nutritious snacks!

1. Healthy Fruit Snacks Your Kids Will Enjoy

Fruit snacks can be tricky. As parents, we want to give our kids snacks that are healthy but at the same time, something that they actually want to eat! Here are some fruit snacks that both parents and kids can get on board with:

  • Frozen Grapes: Frozen grapes are an excellent choice when it comes to snack time. Kids love how fun and delicious these snack bites are, and you can rest assured that they are full of sweetness and health benefits.
  • Strawberry Slices: You don’t have to go all out with your fruit snacks–sometimes, the best snacks are the simplest. Strawberries are a delicious and vitamin-rich treat that are easy to prepare and great for a quick snack.
  • Fruit Kabobs: Fruit kabobs make snack time even more fun. Get your kids involved and let them help pick out the fruits and design their own kabobs. Kids love how colorful and fun these snacks look while being just as nutritious as the other options.
  • Fruit Smoothies: Smoothies are a great way to get even more health benefits into your kids’ snacks. Start with a base of your choice––yogurt, almond milk, and juice are all delicious options. Then, add in some fruit and vegetables of your choice and you’ve got a snack that’s both nutritious and delicious!

Fruit snacks are a great way to give your kids a treat they’ll love without sacrificing their health. With these ideas, you’ll be sure to find something that your kids will enjoy, no matter what their tastes are. So put away the chips and get your kids snacking on some healthy fruit snacks!

2. Sweet and Savory Fruit Treats

Fruits can go beyond salads and smoothies: you can experiment in the kitchen and create endless sweet and savory treats. There are a few ideas that you will love from the first bite.

Sweet Treats

  • Banana almond tart: banana slices, crunchy almonds, and a crunchy shortbread tart base make a tasty combination!
  • Fruit crumble: blend your favorite fruits with oats, spices, and a scoop of ice cream.
  • Berry-coconut popsicles: a refreshing treat that is super easy to make.

Savory Treats

  • Grilled peaches with goat cheese: sprinkle salt, pepper, and fresh thyme and grilled for 10 minutes until gooey and delicious!
  • Mango salsa: create a twist to traditional salsa by adding diced mango, tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, onion, and lime juice.
  • Pickled grapefruit: mix grapefruit slices with sugar, vinegar, and spices to get a unique pickled flavour.

These delicious creations are the perfect addition to any meal, and they can provide a delicious snack at any time of day!

3. Delicious and Nutritious Snack Ideas for Kids

Banana Sushi

  • A great quick and easy snack idea.
  • Ingredients: banana, nut butter, whole-grain wraps

Banana sushi is a fun and delicious snack for any kid to make. Simply, take a whole-grain wrap and spread nut butter evenly across it. Next, cut a banana in half and place it on the wrap. Roll the wrap and cut into bite-sized pieces. Kids will love to roll up this delicious treat!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

  • A great way to get them involved in making their own snacks!
  • Ingredients: Greek yogurt, fruit of choice

Fruit and yogurt parfaits are a favorite amongst kids. Start off by filling a cup with a thick layer of Greek yogurt. secondly, layer the cup with fresh or frozen fruit of the child’s choice. The yogurt acts like glue, sticking the fruit together. Finally, top off with another layer of yogurt. Kids can have fun experimenting with different fruits to make a delicious snack they can be proud of.

4. Easy-to-Make Fruit Snack Recipes

Healthy snacks don’t need to be complicated! Cut down on candy cravings by whipping up these easy-to-make fruit snacks.

  • Fruity Kabobs: Get creative with your favorite fruits on wooden skewers for a fun snack! Add a light drizzle of honey and sprinkle some shredded coconut for extra sweetness.
  • Frozen Fruit Popsicles: Here’s a cool and simple way to make a sweet and refreshing treat! Combine your favorite fruits with some orange juice or yogurt, then pour into an ice cube tray or popsicle mold and let it freeze.

Go the extra mile by incorporating herbs into your fruit concoctions! Fresh mint leaves or basil give a nice touch of flavor to apples, nectarines or oranges. You can also try some cinnamon sprinkled in to amp up the sweetness. There’s no wrong way, just be creative and have fun with it!

If you’re looking for a tasty, easy-to-make snack for your kids, these three delicious fruit recipes are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. With their mouth-watering flavors, you can rest assured that your kids will love them! Enjoy!

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