Premade Divi Layouts

How to Access Pre-Made Layouts You can access and import pre-made layouts directly from the Divi Builder when creating or editing a page. When you add a new page from the WordPress Dashboard, deploy the Visual Builder. If this...

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Divi Role Editor

Control What Users Can Do Within The Divi Builder The Divi Role Editor gives you control over what each different WordPress User Role can do within the Divi Builder. For each role, you can disable certain actions within the Divi...

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Divi Library

What Is The Divi Library? The Divi Library is your ultimate web design toolkit. Here you can store your favorite layouts, sections, rows or modules for later use. Whenever you save an item to your Divi Library, you can access it...

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RSS Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • A linguistic approach to creating content that ranks July 2, 2020
    Search engines are trying to understand language: they want to understand what users are searching for, and they want to be able to provide them with the best results. Before I started working at Yoast, I studied linguistics: the scientific study of language. During my years at Yoast, I’ve noticed that linguistics and SEO have […]
  • Learn about the three Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID & CLS July 1, 2020
    Some time ago, Google caused quite a stir by announcing a new ranking factor for 2021: page experience. User experience has always been a essential part of building the best site out there, but now, it will play an even bigger role in helping you build awesome sites for your customers. All this is powered […]
  • Blog post checklist: how to optimize for search engines June 30, 2020
    So you’ve decided to write a blog post. That’s great! Now let’s make sure your efforts pay off and it turns into an awesome post that also ranks. What do you need to write that post? What steps do you need to take? You can use this blog post checklist to make sure you’ve got […]
  • Which pages to noindex or nofollow on your site? June 29, 2020
    Some of the pages of your site serve a purpose, but that purpose isn’t ranking in search engines or even getting traffic to your site. These pages need to be there, as glue for other pages or simply because regulations require them to be accessible on your website. If you regularly read our blog, you’ll know […]
  • rel=canonical: the ultimate guide June 25, 2020
    The canonical URL allows you to tell search engines that certain similar URLs are actually one and the same. Learn how to use rel=canonical! The post rel=canonical: the ultimate guide appeared first on Yoast.
  • What are sponsored, nofollow and ugc links, and why use them? June 24, 2020
    Links are an important part of SEO. Without links, Google (or other search engines) may not discover your pages, or might not think that they’re important. Sometimes, though, you might want Google not to follow a link. Or you might want to tell them a particular is sponsored, or added to your page by a […]
  • Yoast SEO 14.4: An improved publishing flow June 23, 2020
    Sometimes, you have releases that start out small and end up with a substantial improvement. Yoast SEO 14.4 is one such release. Initially plannend as a bug fix release, this turned into something that markedly improves the publishing workflow in WordPress. Plus, you can now mark your external links as nofollow or sponsored. You see, […]
  • Noindex a post or page in WordPress, the easy way! June 22, 2020
    Some posts and pages should not show up in search results. To make sure they don’t show up, you should tell search engines to exclude them. You do this with a meta robots noindex tag. Setting a page to noindex makes sure search engines never show it in their results. Here, we’ll explain how easy it […]
  • The welcoming community of WordPress June 18, 2020
    “I came for the software and stayed for the community.” In this episode of our series Why we love WordPress, I’ll show you what’s behind the software we love. Software isn’t writing itself (yet), and behind WordPress is a great number of volunteer teams working on the software and everything around it. These people are […]
  • Button UX: designing a clear call-to-action June 17, 2020
    Half of the buttons that are used as the main call-to-action on a web page don’t invite me to click. You could and should test button design but, sometimes, it just starts with common sense. Button UX design has changed a lot over the past decade. A long-standing trend seems to be to blend a […]