Better Safe Than Sorry

All NoSpin WordPress sites are automatically backed up on a daily basis at approximately 12:30AM PST. A total of 7 consecutive daily backups are saved to local storage, while backups older than seven days are saved once per week to remote storage. Backups older than 4 weeks are purged from the system. We do not backup your uploads directory which contains your media files.

Restore From Local Backup

All NoSpin WordPress site restorations are performed by a network administrator. Restorations normally take place during the same business day a site administrator issues a Restore WordPress Site support ticket in the Client Portal. Only site restoration requests issued by site administrators shall be honored and must include the Site Name and Backup Date in the support ticket (they are both required fields). In the unlikely event a network administrator cannot perform a restoration from local storage before the backup identified in the support ticket is automatically overwritten by the system, the network administrator shall:

  1. Restore the following local backup
  2. At the request of the site admin, retrieve the latest archived backup from remote storage and provide a free restoration

Restore From Archive

Typically, there is a $20-US fee to restore an archived backup from remote storage. When the backup date indicated in the Restore WordPress Site support ticket is older than one week, the backup made on the indicated date (if it exists) or just before the indicated date, shall be retrieved from remote storage, loaded on the local system and restored. Since we archive backups to remote storage once per week, your restoration from remote storge could be up to six days earlier than the date indicated in your Restore WordPress Site support ticket. After 4 weeks, there is no possibility of a site restoration unless the site admin has made other arrangements with the NoSpin staff in advance.

After successful site restoration from a remote archive backup has been completed, the site admin will receive an invoice for $20-US. This backup/restore procedure is not applicable on NoSpin Web Hosting, since site admins are responsible for their own backups on Self-Hosted cPanel accounts. The NoSpin staff will however, guide you through the proper backup and restore procedure for your Self-Hosted WordPress site and your entire cPanel account when you become a NoSpin Web Hosting acccount holder.

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