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  • Does social media influence your SEO? January 16, 2020
    Handling your social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy, but it’s also a vital part of any good SEO strategy. The popularity of social media has risen and probably will keep doing so. That means Google and other search engines can’t ignore them, and you probably shouldn’t either. You even see recent […]
  • What is a permalink? January 15, 2020
    The permalink is the full URL you see – and use – for any given post, page or other pieces of content on your site. It’s a permanent link, hence the name permalink. A permalink could include your domain name ( plus what’s called a slug, the piece of the URL that comes after the […]
  • 5 reasons why your site isn’t showing up on Google January 14, 2020
    You’ve done all the hard work — got a hosting package, installed WordPress, picked a nice theme and wrote some content. You hit publish on your first post. Time to rake in that traffic, right? But, when looking for your own site in Google you can’t seem to find it anywhere. You throw your hands […]
  • When is your blog post ready for publication? January 13, 2020
    There is a subtle line between a crappy post and a perfect one. If you want to, you can endlessly tweak and improve upon your writing. So, how do you decide if your blog post is ready? When is a post good to go? In this blog post, I’ll share a checklist you can use […]
  • Help, I’ve accidentally noindexed a post. What to do? January 9, 2020
    It can happen to anyone: You’re working on your site, fiddling on some posts here and there, and hit update when you’re done. After a while, you check back on how a post is doing and, to your dismay, it disappeared completely from the search engines! It turns out you’ve accidentally set a post or […]
  • Mobile SEO: The ultimate guide January 8, 2020
    Mobile SEO helps you to offer your visitors a perfect experience on your site. Find out how you can improve performance, findability, and UX! The post Mobile SEO: The ultimate guide appeared first on Yoast.
  • Yoast SEO 12.8: Fixes and enhancements January 7, 2020
    Welcome to another year of helping you achieve your goals with your site! Today, it’s time for the first in a long line of releases planned for 2020: Yoast SEO 12.8. In this release, you’ll find a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Let’s get to it! Enhancements A while ago, a developer called […]
  • Find and fix keyword cannibalization in 4 steps January 6, 2020
    As your site grows, you’ll have more and more posts. Some of these posts are going to be about a similar topic. Even when you’ve always categorized it well, your content might be competing with itself: You’re suffering from keyword cannibalization. At the same time, some of your articles might get out of date. To […]
  • eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide January 2, 2020
    Everything on how to give your webshop visitors the warmest possible welcome. Read about eCommerce usability and UX in our ultimate guide! The post eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide appeared first on Yoast.
  • Looking back at (almost) a decade of Yoast December 30, 2019
    It’s almost 2020 and a brand-new decade is right around the corner! A decade ago, Yoast didn’t even exist yet. A lot has changed in the past 10 years. In this blog post, I would like to look back at (almost) 10 years of Yoast. And, I’ll look at our plans for next year! 2020 […]