The Client Portal, for NoSpin WordPress and NoSpin Web Hosting, is where members request help and may purchase everything from NoSpin WordPress addons to dedicated servers for their Self-Hosted site(s). The Client Portal maintains a record of all your support tickets, customer information and purchases; however, we do not store credit card account numbers in our database. The beginning of this article references the Changing User Password section of Dashboard Login. You should read the entire article before proceeding.

Client Portal Registration and Login

Access to the Client Portal requires a registration process separate from the NoSpin WordPress site registration; however, we encourge the use of identical passwords for the sake of simplicity and security. The WordPress Dashboard Generate Password feauture within Users > Your Profile quickly generates strong 24 character passwords that you can use verbatim, or modify to suit you, for use in the Dashboard and Client Portal login screens. If you modify the system generated passwords, please make sure they still register in the Strong range before clicking the Update Profile button. Client Portal passwords need to be changed from within your Client Portal profile and there is currently no automatic password generator located there. The login credentials for the Client Portal include an active email address and password. Usernames from your NoSpin WordPress site registration cannot be used. Assuming your intent is to use identical passwords for both Dashboard and Client Portal logins, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Create your NoSpin WordPress site.
  2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard using the login interface located in the footers or sidebars of NoSpin WordPress.
  3. Navagate to Users > Your Profile in order to replace the temporary administrator password you were issued during registration.
  4. Change the password as described in our Dashboard Login article; however, prior to clicking the Update Profile button, verify your password is in the Strong range and copy it to a text file for use during the final step of Client Portal registration described below.

Client Portal registration is launched on by clicking the Login link.

Prove you’re not a robot and click the Submit button.

Go to your Email account and open your registration Email

John Smith,

Welcome to Client Portal. You have created a new account with us.

By clicking on the confirmation link below your account will be activated and an email will be sent with a new password. It is recommended to change it after logging in.

Confirmation URL:

Thank you,
Client Portal

Click the Confirmation URL
Simultaneously, a browser window, similar to the one shown below, shall open as you are sent an additional Email (1.) containing your temporary password:

John Smith,

Your account has been activated. Your new password is: !@#$%^&*(

Please go to to login.

Thank you,
Client Portal

Enter your registration Email and temporary password (2.)
and click the Sign In button.

At this point, the Edit Profile interface will launch and you can now enter your password saved earlier to a text file just before performing an Update Profile during the site administrator password change in your WordPress Dashboard (reference Dashboard Login).

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