Impressive Free SSL Encryption

We really like this relatively new feature from the folks at cPanel, but wanted to witness a successful track record on our servers before raving about it. Call us skeptics, but when cPanel’s AutoSSL was introduced, it appeared too good to be true. My initial concern was, assuming it does work, how will it affect the SSL certificate marketplace?

After approximately one year of successfully provisioning free Comodo SSL certificates issued by cPanel (right-hand screen capture), the NoSpin WordPress staff has concluded, cPanel’s AutoSSL certificate provisioning system  is a winner by a furlong, to borrow a horse racing metaphor. To follow is a quote from the cPanel Blog regarding AutoSSL.

There are no more forms to fill out, and no more certificates to manually copy into place. Once you enable AutoSSL, your websites are automatically secured with a free, Domain Validated SSL certificate. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that your coverage will never lapse, because at expiration time a new, free SSL is requested and automatically installed.

Benny Vasquez

cPanel's Manager of Community Engagement

Regarding the enabling of AutoSSL, that’s our job. As a website owner on the NoSpin Web there’s no need to concern yourself with enabling AutoSSL. We have preconfigured AutoSSL to execute on all cPanel and NoSpin WordPress mapped domains; and, the provisioning process is flawless. In all instances we have witnessed near immediate provisioning of certificates upon account creation, not only with respect to the domain name itself, but on the following hostnames as well:


where tld=Top Level Domain; e.g, com, net, org.

As a NoSpin Web customer, you can relax and enjoy the freedom of no longer worrying about ominous browser messages inducing fear in the hearts and minds of your site visitors. As a WordPress administrator, there is no longer the need for concern regarding hackers lurking in the shadows, intending to steal your unencrypted Dashboard logins. Even if you are not using WordPress to power your site on the NoSpin Web, your login credentials to your cPanel control panel, Webdisk and Webmail are now encrypted, automatically and free of charge.

Secure Mail Server Login

In addition to the encrypted keyboard/touchpad logins mentioned above, your mail subdomain is now automatically configured and secured upon account creation and AutoSSL update. AutoSSL recently added the mail subdomain to its list of protected hostnames, therefore allowing one to configure their Email applications to securely use mail.yourdomainName.tld for logging into one’s mail server rather than yourdomainName.tld. If you need further clarification regarding the configuration of your Email applications, please submit an Email support ticket in the NoSpin Web Client Portal.

In conclusion, we cannot find fault with cPanel’s impressive AutoSSL. Given the reduction of issues resulting from manually provisioned SSL certificates and the value we are able to pass on to our customers, we are not at all grieving over our decline in SSL certificate business. We now have the ability to save our customers hundreds per year by providing free encrypted login to several hostnames, a role historically reserved for pricey wildcard certificates. Frankly, we’d rather support our customers design and advertising needs than resolve technical issues; however, there are a few viable SSL certificate solutions remaining for high volume Ecommerce sites; e.g, the Comodo EV (extended validation) certificate.

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