Familiarity of the WordPress Dashboard may be gained by visiting our Getting Started series after reading this article. The emphasis here is on Dashboard login and changing the password for the default administrator account, which is the account created upon site activation. Whether you decide to retain the default administrator account or create another, changing user passwords should be part of a periodic routine performed by the site owner.

Basic Login

We shall begin by discussing the points to keep in mind when logging into your WordPress Dashboard. When you are not logged in and you do not have a domain name mapped to your WordPress site, your login interfaces are located to the right of the footer on each page and the top of the right sidebar where present. You shall find a right sidebar on most NoSpin WordPress pages excluding the home page and landing page for the NoSpin WordPress Journal. Since the Client Portal and cPanel Self-Hosting are located on our related domain ( they do not contain pages allowing login to your NoSpin WordPress Dashboard. We describe creating a Client Portal account and logging into the Client Portal in our Client Portal article.

Logging into Domain Mapped Dashboards

Sites with domain mapped addresses exhibit somewhat different login behavior. The address for a domain mapped site’s login screen will have the form:

https://domain-name.tdl/nospinlogin/ where tdl represents your top level domain; e.g, com, net, org, etc.

However, if you forget your site’s login screen address, using the NoSpin WordPress Dashboard login method described above shall redirect your browser to your appropriate login screen, where you shall need to re-input your username and password. The login screen for a Domain Mapped site, depicited below, is the same as a stand alone self-hosted WordPress site. Your login screen may or may not have an active captcha, depending on how your Dashboard has been configured.

Changing User Passwords

Once you have logged into your WordPress Dashboard for the first time, your focus should be on replacing the system generated temporary password emailed to you, with a secure password for the default administrator account, which is the account established upon site creation. This is very important, as administrator accounts (multiple may be created for a single site) have complete control over site content. For more information on user privledges and capabilities, please reference User Roles.

From the Dashboard go to Users > Your Profile as shown to the right. You may click the image to zoom in. Your Dashboard will appear somewhat different, but you should have no problem finding the Your Profile link.

Clicking the Your Profile link reveals a window titled Profile where you shall need to scroll to the bottom and locate the Account Management section depicted below. Again, you may click the image for a larger view.

Click the Generate Password button indicated in the left-hand screen capture to reveal the interface below. If you do not like the system generated password, you may either substitute it for one of your own, or click the Cancel button and repeat the process by clicking the Generate Password button again. If you decide to substitute a password of your own for the system generated password, make sure it registers in the Strong range and nothing less. Activating a new password is accomplished by clicking the Update Profile button at the bottom of the Profile window.

Please create a General support ticket in the Client Portal if you have any questions. Client Portal registration is covered in our Cleint Portal Login article.

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