Introduction to Divi Builder

For those preferring to use the Storefront theme by WooCommerce, or one of its child themes, the Divi Builder page layout plugin is installed by default on all NoSpin WordPress accounts; enabling intuitive site design from within the WordPress Dashboard and front-end interface using Divi Visual Builder. Divi Builder works with every theme in the NoSpin WordPress theme library and now includes the new Divi Builder Helper in the front-end Visual Builder interface.

Dashboard Configuration

In its back-end WordPress Dashboard configuratioin, Divi Builder replaces the default page editor with a well designed, powerful, intuitive interface. Depicted below is the structure of Divi Builder incorporating two Standard Sections, each containing a single row element. The row in the top section is partitioned into one column, while the row in the bottom section is partitioned into four columns. Each column contains very powerful and flexible modules, cutomizable in a phethora of configurations. Shown in the screen capture below, are the Call to Action and Blurb module types. At present, there 37 modules, all of which have the ability to be configured with some form of animation.

If you’re a hands-on, DYI individual, hovering over the icons in the interface reveals tool tips providing clues to the type of controls you can expect to access after clicking. Clicking the screen capture above enlarges the image in a lightbox to reveal a tool tip circled in red. In this example, the Change Structure tool with respect to a Divi Builder row (the green structure) allows one to add or delete columns from an existing row.

If you need assistance navigating the interface, login to the Client Portal and create a Theme Help support ticket. In your support ticket please indicate the theme you are using with Divi Builder. The Screen capture on the right indicates two ways to determine the active theme on your site. Clicking the Dashboard link on your Dashboard menu reveals the active theme near the top (green ellipse). Navigating to Appearance > Themes and clicking the Themes link (green arrow) opens the Themes window to reveal the active theme in the upper left hand corner.

If you need help designing your pages, please submit a Premium Support support ticket, listed in alphabetical order under the How can we assist you? pulldown menu in the Client Portal. Signing up for Premium Support is free. Charges only apply if you request our direct, hands on help with anything from complete site design and construction, to help with minor changes or additions to your site. All charges are pre-approved by you and are not invoiced until the work has been given your final approval and is published on your site.

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