Divi Builder Update

This week we have an announcement that will change the way you interact with Divi page layouts. Before the last Divi Builder update, one needed to follow the steps in Page Layouts – Part 2 in order to add new layouts to your Divi Library. Starting this week, all free Layout Packs are built into the Divi Library and accessed as depicted in the following screen captures.
Once you have logged into your WordPress account and selected Divi Builder from the new post, page or project interface, click the Load Layout button as shown to the right. Here we see the Add New Page interface of the WordPress Dashboard which can be summoned after login from the front-end by the New menu in the WordPress menu bar.
This shall result in displaying the Premade Layouts tab which incorporates a handy Find A Layout routine, similar to the current Feature Filter used on WordPress.org to narrow down one’s theme search. Nevertheless, as long as we have Divi, we shall no longer need to search for themes again, which in this author’s opinion is a long awaited blessing.
You may now proceed to Part 3: Layout Packs which includes a gallery of demo sites made with Divi Layouts. However, there is no need to download free Layout Packs any longer since they are now automatically included with each update to the Divi Builder.

Any questions?

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