Powerful Theme & Page Builder Package

The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes is now the default theme for all NoSpin WordPress sites. Essentially, what we have been offering as an addon for $24 per year is now included free with every NoSpin WordPress account. We shall be rewriting the Getting Started guide to accommodate Divi; but for now, you should be able to safely substitute Divi for Nexus wherever the latter is mentioned in the guide. Divi does not require initial setup in the Theme Options page in order to display correctly; and, now includes the new Divi Help System in the Visual Builder front-end interface. Divi support is included with all NoSpin WordPress accounts registered in the Client Portal.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to change themes from Divi to something else in the NoSpin Theme Library, the Divi submenu of your WordPress Dashboard main menu will change from that depicted in the following left hand screen capture to that shown on the right. This menu change reflects switching Divi from its theme & page builder configuration to its page builder plugin-only configuration. While the Divi Builder plugin can be used satisfactorily with all themes in the NoSpin Theme Library, the plugin-only configuration (right hand screen capture) affects the contents of your pages between the header and footer sections, not the header and footer sections themselves. While using the Divi Builder plugin, header and footer sections of themes other than Divi (or Extra) must be modified either through the Theme Options page, or by a child theme. The latter of which applies to Self-Hosted cPanel accounts only.
For help with theme configuring issues, please submit a Theme Help support ticket in the Client Portal.

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