Even a post’s Featured Image (e.g, the autum scene above) can be set on the front-end through the visual builder, but the focus of this article is with respect to what you can do with the WordPress Theme Customizer menu.

The front-end configuration settings are accessed through the following menu after one has logged into the Dashboard.

Here’s one of the first settings with which you should become familiar.

This setting controls what kind of a page is displayed as your homepage. Only if you have the Extra theme activated will An Extra Category Layout be available as on option. This option will be described under the Extra theme section. In this example, A static page is set as the homepage, which is not the default blog page typically used to display a list of reverse chronological (latest to earliest) posts. A static page is a good choice for business home pages that do not change on a daily basis. However, as you’ll see elsewhere, the visual builder allows one to incorporate a blog feed of posts into a static page, thus expanding the system’s flexibility.

As you can imagine, may more configuration settings are available on this page. Rather than going through all the possibilites at this time, please post your questions in the Comment box below after registering.