Page Layouts – Part 3

Layout Packs

The first task one should accomplish after creating a brand new NoSpin WordPress site is login to their Dashbord and change the password emailed by our system. Dashboard login and password change is covered in our Dashboard Login article. If you haven’t yet created a NoSpin WordPress site, please sign up now.

The subject of this four part series on page layouts is setting up your new WordPress site with Divi Theme or Builder. This article, Page Layouts – Part 3: Layout Packs, displays a gallery of demo sites built exclusively with Divi page layout files.

This series includes:
Part 1: Configuring Theme OptionsPart 2: Adding LayoutsPart 4: Creating Pages

Viewing the Layout Pack Sites

To visit the Layout Pack demo sites linked to our gallery, click the site title under the thumbnail preview. This will open the demo site in a separate tab (or window) where you may inspect the site.

Clicking the thumbnail previews enlarges them in a lightbox. There is an inconspicuous link to the demo site, in the form of the site title, placed in lower left corner of the full size preview. You must hover directly over the site title in order to activate the demo site link. Arrows to the left and right of the lightbox allow one to scroll through the collection of full size screen captures. Clicking directly on the full size images also scrolls through them, while clicking anywhere off the image, other than the site title in the lower left corner, returns one to the gallery of thumbnail previews.

Demo Site Gallery


You may now continue to Getting Started – Part 4: Creating Pages. We encourage you to experiment with different combinations of moldules from each Layout Pack to create your own unique page layouts.

Thank you and enjoy your NoSpin WordPress site.

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