cPanel Managed Email

NoSpin WordPress includes free Email accounts to compliment domain-mapped NoSpin WordPress sites.

Changing Email Passwords

Once you have logged into Webmail, passwords are changed by pulling down the menu under your Email account name as depicted to the right and clicking the Password & Security link. This opens the Password & Security window below and to the left where you’ll be able to create a very strong password by clicking the Advanced Options link underneath the Generate Password button. We recommend changing the default value for Length from 12 to 18 to ensure a very strong password is created. You are welcome to create your own password, but using the Password Generator is much quicker and easier. Make sure the two Both radio button are selected and click the Generate Password button. Copy the password into a text file and securely save it for future reference. Select the I have copied this password in a safe place checkbox and click the Use Password button (green arrow). This action will populate the fields above the Password Generator interface with your password and confirmation, indicating that your pasword is Very Strong as shown in the right hand screen capture. The only thing remaining is to click the Save button as shown; bearing in mind, if you created your password by hand, only Very Strong passwords will be saved.

For answers to questions regarding Email, please sumbit an Email support ticket in the Client Portal or send an Email to with email in the subject field. For tips on how to avoid becoming a phishing or spoofing victim, see our Phishing article under Security.

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