Bundle Them Together & Save

At the bottom of this page are links to the latest details regarding the Bloom and Monarch plugins, offered as annual subscriptions with unlimited updates from NoSpin WordPress. When you bundle both plugins into a single subscription, not only do we give you one plugin at half price, we include a free subscription to the Extra theme (the NoSpin WordPress presentation layer) absolutely free for the duration of your bundle subscription. To purchase a Bloom or Monarch subscription, or bundle them together, please register in the Client Portal.

Clicking the Bloom or Monarch links below, loads a plugin author demonstration into a new tab or window. NoSpin WordPress members have free access to all themes and plugins by Elegant Themes with the exception of Bloom, Monarch and Extra. Only a NoSpin WordPress network administrator can install themes or plugins on NoSpin WordPress; therefore, the advantage of an Elegant Themes membership becomes apparant after migrating to WordPress Self-Hosting. You may however purchase Layouts or Layout Packs (JSON files) from the Elegant Themes Marketplace and install them in your Divi Library on NoSpin WordPress. For assistance regarding the installation of Divi layouts, please see our Adding Layouts article. For support, please submit a Theme Help support ticket in the Client Portal.

  • Bloom: eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation Plugin For WordPress.
  • Monarch: Social Media Sharing Plugin For WordPress.

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