NoSpin WordPress Premium Support

If you struggle with design concepts and find it difficult to allocate time for page creation and SEO, that’s not a problem. The talent at NoSpin WordPress includes award winning graphic designers and marketing pros who have been writing add copy and technical reports for decades.

Our Premium Support involves helping you as a member, achieve attractive, compelling results that rank well with respect to Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. Our assistance runs from complete site design and construction, to help with minor changes or additions to your site.

To activate Premium Support on your membership account, login to the Client Portal and create a Premium Support support ticket. Be sure to select Premium Support from the How may we assist you? pulldown menu and enter your site address from the package reference pull-down menu. Creating a Premium Support ticket adds a NoSpin WordPress designer to your WordPress Dashboard under the Users menu who can login to assist with site modifications during normal business hours.

Signing up for Premium Support is free. Need help? We’ll provide quotes for the work you request via support tickets, before we edit your site. After you approve the quote, we’ll create a draft file in your Dashboard for you to review. You may then approve the draft from within your Dashboard by changing the status of the file, request additional modifications or delete it. Only after you change your file’s status from Draft to Public, do you receive an invoice, as quoted, for the work performed by NoSpin WordPress.

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