Dealing with Bots

Security is paramount at NoSpin WordPress. Our security paradigm includes the reCaptcha plugin to ward off malicious bots; and, we understand the process of selecting images to prove your humanity can become annoying.

Once you have been registered in the Client Portal and demonstrate an interest in developing your WordPress site, you may request the addition of your IP address to our reCaptcha whitelist by submitting a Whitelist My IP support ticket. When your IP address is added to our reCaptcha Whitelist, the reCaptcha verification routine during WordPress Dashboard login is bypassed and you shall no longer be inconvenienced by reCaptcha images to prove your humanity. Be sure to include your WordPress admin username or Email and IP address in the support ticket.

To determine your IP address go to If your internet service provider has issued your organization or residence a dynamic IP address that changes frequently, request your provider supply the range of IP addresses associated to your account and assuming the range does not exceed hundreds of IP addresses, we may Whitelist the entire range for you.
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