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NoSpin WordPress offers two types of Email packages that come with self-configuring SSL certificates to compliment a domain-mapped NoSpin WordPress site.

Single Accounts

The Single Account package, designed for WordPress start-ups, allows one to store up to 5GB of Email on our Mail server for as low as $1.55 per month. Even though 5GB of Email is equivalent to scores of thousands of typical messages, this package can be upgraded to 15GB for those needing to send many large attachments up to 35MB. To have more than one Email address associated to your domain-mapped WordPress site, Single Account packages must be ordered separately.

Customers who have purchased the Single Account Email package, use with ports 993/995 (IMAP/POP3) for incoming messages and 465 or 587 (SMTP) for outgoing messages. We have Email configuration guides to assist you in configuring Apple Mail, Android, iOS, Thunderbird and Outlook to work with the Single Account Email package:

And a link to a video primer for the Webmail interface used with our Single Account Email package:

Changing Single Account Passwords

Login to Webmail by entering into your browsers URL window and submit your Email account and password in the form depicted by the right hand screen capture.
Once you are logged in, click the Settings tab near the top of the window depicted to the left, followed by the Password button that shall appear in the left-most sidebar. After clicking the Password button, supply our system generated password you received by Email in the Current Password field along with your new password in the two fields below. Make sure you save your new password to a text file in a secure location for future reference. Unfortunately, we do not currently have an automated password generator to ensure very strong passwords on the Single Account system. Click the Save button to update your Email password.

SSD Packs

For those needing more flexibilty and the ultimate in Email performance and reliabilty, SSD Packs range in price from $0.80 to $0.44 per GB per month. For example, purchased as an annual subscription, $3.25 per month entitles one to partition the base disk quota of 5GB SSD storage into an arbitrary number of Email accounts, with a total storage capacity upgradable to 45GB. More information and pricing options are available in the Client Portal. Be sure to read our IMAP vs. POP3 article before configuring your Email clients (desktop computers, laptops, etc.). All your devices must be configured with our secure incoming (IMAP/POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers whether you purchase the budget oriented Single Account package, or the performance geared SSD Pack. We recommend all client (device) Email accounts use the IMAP protocol for incoming messages.

For customers who have purchased an SSD Pack with virtually no limit imposed on the number of outgoing Email messages per day and a 5GB to 45GB disk quota, provision your domain name as the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers when configuring Email clients. When partitioning your SSD Pack storage, simply include Email addresses along with their respective disk quotas in a Client Portal Email support ticket. If disk quotas are not included in your support ticket, we shall provision storage equally among Email accounts. System generated passwords for each Email account will be included in your support ticket that should be changed by the account manager(s) from within their Webmail application, accessed by logging into:

The actual outgoing message limit is 3600 per hour (one message per second) compared to 500 messages in a 24 hour period for the Single Account package.

Changing SSD Pack Passwords

Once you have logged into Webmail, passwords are changed by pulling down the menu under your Email account name as depicted to the right and clicking the Password & Security link. This opens the Password & Security window below and to the left where you’ll be able to create a very strong password by clicking the Advanced Options link underneath the Generate Password button. We recommend changing the default value for Length from 12 to 18 to ensure a very strong password is created. You are welcome to create your own password, but using the Password Generator is much quicker and easier. Make sure the two Both radio button are selected and click the Generate Password button. Copy the password into a text file and securely save it for future reference. Select the I have copied this password in a safe place checkbox and click the Use Password button (green arrow). This action will populate the fields above the Password Generator interface with your password and confirmation, indicating that your pasword is Very Strong as shown in the right hand screen capture. The only thing remaining is to click the Save button as shown; bearing in mind, if you created your password by hand, only Very Strong passwords will be saved.
For answers to questions regarding Email, please sumbit an Email support ticket in the Client Portal or send an Email to with email in the subject field. For tips on how to avoid becoming a phishing or spoofing victim, see our Phishing article under Security.

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