Self Hosted WordPress vs. WordPress-Dot-Com

A WordPress introduction would not be complete without a discussion of WordPress Self Hosting vs. the WordPress hosting available at The WordPress Self Hosting option requires the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to be installed and configured on your dedicated Web hosting account using your domain name and a Web hosting control panel such as cPanel. This is the model of our sister domain, NoSpin Web Hosting. Self-hosted sites are more flexible than hosted sites because they allow you to install your own plugins, create customized pages beyond the capability of ordinary blogs, dedicate superior IT resources to your add-free sites, etc. The alternative, hosting, which is the model of NoSpin WordPress, is initially a free service for those who want to operate a blog or website and work within certain limitations. The primary difference between and NoSpin WordPress is the latter’s commitment to enhanced design capabilities, performance and service resulting in greater value for the site owner and an improved user experience. The designers behind the sences at NoSpin WordPress have been involved in advertising design since the early 1990’s and understand how keeping pace with technology consumes business managment time and resouces. This platform we are offering entrepreneurs is the culmination of publishing, design and programming experience and utilizes what we feel are the best technologies available on the Web, enabling you to focus on your business goals rather than your technology.

We hope you enjoy your experience at NoSpin WordPress as you forge your path to success. We can be there for you, from creating your first business logo and mailing list to setting up your first solid state dedicated server to run your amazing high volume Ecommerce store.