cPanel Email Only Accounts

The professional grade cPanel Email Only account must be hosted on a domain separate from your NoSpin WordPress mapped domain. For example, if is mapped to your NoSpin WordPress site, you would need to host your cPanel Email Only account on or or, etc. However, our cPanel Email Only accounts are easily upgraded to full fleged cPanel Web hosting accounts, the latter of which are the NoSpin Web accounts designed for WordPress Self-Hosting.

An Email Only account is an economical, dependable and secure way to begin networking with your own domain name while you venture down the path of designing your free WordPress site on NoSpin WordPress. When you are happy with your site and feel it is ready to host on your domain name, we will move the site for free to your NoSpin Web Hosting cPanel account. For more information regarding our cPanel web hosting accounts please visit our Client Portal.

Currently we offer two cPanel Email Only accounts in the Self Managed Email section of the Client Portal. The Email 40 package comes with 20GB of SSD storage and a free domain name registration. For more information and pricing, please visit the Self Managed Email page in the Client Portal. A detailed description of cPanel Email is forthcoming. In the mean time you are welcome to browse the cPanel documentation and submit your questions to us.

Email & Web Hosting Under One Domain

If you require your WordPress Ecommerce site and cPanel Email accounts to be hosted on the same domain, it is necessary to host your WordPress site on a NoSpin Web cPanel hosting account. Your existing NoSpin WordPress site can be moved to a cPanel Web hosting account with a Web server redirect pointing your mapped domain name to the domain hosting your cPanel Web hosting account, effectively consolidating Email and Web hosting under a single domain name. This will direct your customers who have bookmarked the URL of your NoSpin WordPress site, to your self-hosted WordPress site and remove the domain mapping on your NoSpin WordPress site. Your old site will remain available at as long as necessary while you make sure all your text and media has been migrated properly to your new self-hosted WordPress site. The ability to deploy this flexibility is one of the reasons we suggest purchasing at least two domain names for your Ecommerce Marketplace.

For more information or to initiate your migration to a NoSpin Web cPanel hosting account, please submit a Move Website support ticket in the Client Portal.
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