WooCommerce on NoSpin WordPress

WooCommerce is a completely customizable Ecommerce platform built on WordPress, the software now powering 28% of the web, including the NoSpin WordPress and NoSpin Web Hosting sites. Working on top of WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, WooCommerce seamlessly integrates your site’s WordPress content with Ecommerce. You can sell anything with WooCommerce from physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions and appointments*.

To activate WooCommerce, submit a WooCommerce support ticket in the Client Portal. To receive payment for your merchandise or services via PayPal, you must have a registered domain name mapped to your NoSpin WordPress site.

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with Divi, the default theme on NoSpin WordPress and dozens of other themes in the NoSpin Theme Library. To check for WooCommerce compatibility before switching themes, open the Theme Details window from the Appearance > Themes page in your Dashboard. Visit Selecting Themes for more details if you are not familiar with the Theme Details window. To activate WooCommerce on your site, submit a WooCommerce support ticket in the Client Portal and complete all the required parts of the form. By default, your store will be configured to sell and ship to the U.S. and its territories only unless you specify otherwise in the body of the support ticket. After WooCommerce is activated on your NoSpin WordPress site, you will have the following payment options available:

  • PayPal Standard
  • Bank Transfers
  • Checks
  • COD

If you require Braintree by PayPal, Stripe, etc. as a payment processor, you must create a NoSpin Web Hosting account with a dedicated IP address. This would be the case for any Ecommerce shopping cart using any secure payment method other than PayPal Standard. Braintree by PayPal, for example, makes it possible to use other forms of payment, such as debit cards, and enables customer checkout without the familiar PayPal interface. To save time and money, we recommend starting your WooCommerce store on NoSpin WordPress and upgrade to a self-hosted cPanel account with a dedicated IP address on NoSpin Web Hosting when you are ready to upgrade your payment gateway. When that time comes, we shall pack up your entire NoSpin WordPress site and move it to your NoSpin Web Hosting cPanel account absolutely free.

Getting Started

A guide to configuring WooCommerce on NoSpin WordPress is forthcoming. In the mean time, we shall address all WooCommerce questions in the Client Portal. Please submit a WooCommerce Help support ticket and describe the problem you are experiencing.

We highly recommend all site administrators become proficient with the WordPress interface and organizing their content before configuring their WooCommerce stores; i.e, adding a Simple product is similar to writing a post. Address all WordPress questions in the Client Portal by submitting a WordPress Help support ticket.

Thank you

* Using a paid extension