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Welcome to your access point for announcements and articles related to WordPress on NoSpin WordPress and NoSpin Web Hosting. The current Help Categories are available in the right sidebar. We recommend reading the posts in the Getting Started category first. If you don’t see a post related to your question under the 5 tabs in the Getting Started category, please send us an Email.

This entire site is undergoing reconstruction to better assist the needs of our WordPress clients. Irrelevant and outdated blog posts regarding the visual layout builder will no longer be available. The registration, login and client portal information should remain correct; however, if you have any problems, please Email the administrator directly at

The default front-end layout builder on NoSpin WordPress is the Divi Visual Builder by Elegant Themes. Both the Divi and Extra themes are options available to you from the Appearance > Themes menu item in your Dashboard.

You must submit a Client Portal support ticket to request the Gutenberg editor along with the latest WordPress default theme. At this point, Gutenberg is not a front-end page layout builder.

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