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2019 promises to be our busiest year ever at NoSpin WordPress and we shall be reorganizing our site to shift focus back to design and maintenance for our customer base. Old posts that do not apply any longer will be deleted while the RSS feeds in our right sidebar retained. The RSS feeds are with respect to what we feel are the fundamental subjects regarding successful website construction: Design and SEO. Mastering both will provide the edge a small business needs to succeed.

The registration, login and client portal information on this site should remain valid; however, if you have any problems, please Email the administrator directly at

Now that Gutenberg is part of WordPress core, we will support its block editor; however, going forward, the default page builder on NoSpin WordPress is Divi Builder by Elegant Themes.

Members are encouraged to provide comments and suggestions in comment boxes where available. Where comment boxes are not provided, article clarification may be obtained by submitting a General support ticket in the Client Portal. Members may request information regarding article submissions through our Contact Us form. If you have unique business skills, enjoy writing and would like to contribute your experience to the NoSpin WordPress Journal, we would like to hear from you.

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  • Decorating Your Page with Transforming Shapes on Hover with Divi April 17, 2019
    Creating interactive design is something that immediately helps elevate the look and feel of any website. With Divi’s built-in options, you can take many turns and create effects that are truly unique to your website. In this post, we’re going to show you how to decorate your page with transforming shapes on hover. The result […]
  • 7+ Top Steampunk and Victorian Fonts April 17, 2019
    The Victorian Age is romanticized greatly. Literature and media often take notes from the aesthetic, industrial culture, design, and art of the time. Typefacing is no different. The steam age is known for beautifully stylized scripts and prints, and the popularity of steampunk, a sub-genre of science-fiction in which steam-power is the driving force of […]
  • How to Animate Letters for Unique Text Designs in Divi April 16, 2019
    Animation has become a common part of the user experience for modern websites. Aside from the fact that it looks cool, it can also add a subtle interactive element that engages the user by bringing content to life. Divi’s built-in animation effects allow you to animate just about any element on a page with different […]
  • Why Your Small Business Needs a Tagline and How to Create One April 16, 2019
    What do you learn from this tagline: “Shave time. Shave money.” You learn that this company sells shaving products and that with those shaving products you’ll save both time and money. You’ve also peeked into the brand voice and determined that this company is lighthearted, clever and to-the-point. A tagline is… a short, punchy sentence […]


  • is hard; we’re making it easy April 16, 2019
    Getting a implementation right on a website was – until today – enormously painful. There was not enough documentation and no good tools to help you to make it truly simple. The best implementations so far really are, sadly, still just a fragmented mess. Today, we’ve fixed that. The best implementations we see […]
  • Yoast SEO 11.0: Structured data awesomeness April 16, 2019
    Structured data is incredibly important. Many of the current and future search enhancements are — or will be — powered by structured data. While search engines are good at reading content, structured data can help them to understand. Yoast SEO has supported some basic Schema markup for ages, but now we’re going much further. Yoast […]
  • Tips to enhance your experience with the Block Editor April 15, 2019
    Today I’d like to highlight two plugins that supercharge the new Block Editor experience. They’re very different in nature, but I find them both equally impressive. There’s some news about the upcoming WordPress 5.2 release, and there might be mention of a bonus link. Come and find out. Gutenberg on steroids We’re four, five months […]
  • Rank with that cornerstone content! April 12, 2019
    Cornerstone articles are those posts that are most important to you. The ones you really want to rank with. The posts that make people come back to your site or buy your stuff. But how do you get those cornerstone articles to end up high in the search engines? How do you get the most […]