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Now that Gutenberg is part of WordPress core, we will support its block editor; however, going forward, the default page builder on NoSpin WordPress is Divi Builder by Elegant Themes, with both the Divi and Extra as theme options.

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  • Revealing $1,000,000 In Free Black Friday Prizes (And More) November 14, 2019
    Get Ready Black Friday Is Coming Black Friday only comes once a year, and when it does, we like to do something really special. This year’s Black Friday sale starts on Friday, Mac Pro, and you could be one of its very first owners. Everyone, including current Lifetime customers can enter the giveaway for free. […]
  • A Guide to Using Sidebars with the Divi Theme builder November 13, 2019
    Sidebars can be a crucial asset to any website. Divi facilitates the creation of sidebars by giving developers the power to design completely custom sidebars for post or page templates using the Divi Theme Builder. Once Divi users choose a column structure with desired sidebar area, they have the option to create sidebar content using […]
  • How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business November 13, 2019
    Sending emails to your fans, followers, and leads is invaluable. You need to be able to contact your audience after they’ve left your site, so you need the best email marketing service you can get. Whether you’ve just published a new blog post, launched a new service, or you’re promoting a new product, your email […]
  • How to Create a Search Results Page Template in Divi November 12, 2019
    We’ve all grown accustomed to using search forms to find what we need on a website. So, when creating a website in Divi, we really need to consider the design of the page results template that will drive the look and feel of those search results. In this tutorial, we are going to cover how […]


  • Grow your business with ratings and reviews November 14, 2019
    Reviews or testimonials are mostly said to work on the basis of social proof. Social proof is a psychological process in which people copy the behavior of others, in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. In this post, I’ll take a look at how reviews work and how structured data can help bring them to […]
  • Yoast SEO 12.5: Behind the scenes improvements November 13, 2019
    These last couple of months here at Yoast SEO HQ have all been about building better things. Behind the scenes, we’re making good progress at getting our flagship plugins ready for the future. While we’re busy building the future, we also stick to our regular two-week release schedule, which means it’s time to introduce Yoast […]
  • 5 reasons your content won’t rank – even though it’s optimized November 12, 2019
    The Yoast SEO plugin helps you to easily optimize the text of your posts and pages. People use it to try and get higher rankings. But unfortunately, perfectly optimizing your post does not magically put it at the top of the search results. So, if your perfectly optimized post isn’t ranking, what could be the […]
  • WordPress robots.txt: Best-practice example for SEO November 7, 2019
    Your robots.txt file is a powerful tool when you’re working on a website’s SEO – but it should be handled with care. It allows you to deny search engines access to different files and folders, but often that’s not the best way to optimize your site. Here, we’ll explain how we think webmasters should use their […]