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Welcome to your access point for announcements and articles regarding WordPress and supporting technologies on NoSpin WordPress and NoSpin Web.

This page is about to undergo reconstruction to better assist the needs of our WordPress clients. Irrelevant and outdated blog posts regarding the page builder will no longer be available. The registration, login and client portal information should remain valid; however, if you have any problems, please Email the administrator directly at

Now that Gutenberg is part of WordPress core, we will support its block editor; however, going forward, the default page builder on NoSpin WordPress is Divi Builder by Elegant Themes. Both the Divi and Extra themes are options available to you from the Appearance > Themes menu item in your Dashboard.

You must submit a Client Portal support ticket to request the Gutenberg editor along with the latest WordPress default theme.

Premade Divi Layouts

How to Access Pre-Made Layouts You can access and import pre-made layouts directly from the Divi Builder when creating or editing a page. When you add a new page from the WordPress Dashboard, deploy the Visual Builder. If this is a new page, you will be...

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Divi Role Editor

Control What Users Can Do Within The Divi Builder The Divi Role Editor gives you control over what each different WordPress User Role can do within the Divi Builder. For each role, you can disable certain actions within the Divi Builder, which will limit...

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Divi Library

What Is The Divi Library? The Divi Library is your ultimate web design toolkit. Here you can store your favorite layouts, sections, rows or modules for later use. Whenever you save an item to your Divi Library, you can access it easily from within the...

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Getting Started

Getting Started

What Is The Visual Builder? The Divi Builder comes in two forms: The standard “Back-end Builder” and the front-end “Visual Builder.” Both interfaces allow you to build exactly the same types of websites with the same content elements and design settings....

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Video Slider Module

Video Slider Module

How to Add a Video Slider Module to Your Page Divi makes it easy to add a Video Slider to your page. This is a great way to organize collections of videos from just about any source. The video gallery also allows you to customize video thumbnail images and...

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